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Björn Wolf


To become a master of craftsmanship you need ample experience. And Björn has this experience – not only in years, but also in the sheer number of engineering projects he lead. Not only does he create robust infrastructures and clean code, but also deployment pipelines that allow your team to release high quality code several times a day.

Jan Weinkauff


We think learning new things should be fun. Jan takes you and your team to the next level. An experienced trainer and coach, Jan boosts the performance of individuals, teams or whole companies. His knowledge of agile methods and organizational cultures as well as his empathy for people and their needs turn his appearance into the pivotal moment of several projects' lives.

Matthias Orgler


Customer + Product = Business. Matthias ensures that ideas earn revenue and become a market success. From scouting innovations in Silicon Valley he got a feeling for business models and markets. He has advised international companies large and small and applied a broad variety of methods that turn ideas into successful businesses.

Technology Partner

Benedikt Deicke

Software Engineering & Ruby-on-Rails Expert

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Creative Partner

Sudmann Creative

Strategically driven brand experiences

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